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Ficathon Entry: By Its Cover (1/1) L & O: SVU

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May. 1st, 2006 | 12:20 am
posted by: daisycm83 in ffkoah

Title: By Its Cover

Author: Christi

Rating: R, because, uh, it’s SVU and there is a large ick factor in the storylines and this details a few of them. I mean, not DETAILS, but…whatever. Oh. Plus there is nondescript, but completely consensual sex.

Category: L&O: SVU Munch/OC, angst, romance

Author’s Note: Um, I’m not sure when or why it happened, but for some reason, SVU has taken over my brain temporarily. (Don’t worry, the gateverse is still my first and truest love.) Anyway, the result is kind of weird and yet, I'm strangely fond of it.

Also, you should be warned that this fic is mainly trying to answer the question, “If you have a blatant Mary Sue, and you have her do very blatantly Mary Sue kind of things, is it still possible to have a good fic?” I don’t know if I succeeded or not, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment. And then kate98 had the ffkoah ficathon, and convinced me that yes, this totally counts.

Errr, kate98 beta'd. raisintorte assured me that it wasn't completely unreadable. caroly_214 probably would have as well, had I been able to wait patiently like I ought and not feel the inane need to post this before the deadline (I have 4 minutes!!). Sorry, caroly_214!!! Forgive me?

Fic here...

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