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New Story part 1/4.

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May. 8th, 2006 | 09:11 am
posted by: deejay435 in ffkoah

Title: Glimpses of Gossamer
Pairing: Grissom/Sara
Summary: Grissom gets a rare gift: The chance to see what his life might have been like had he made other choices.
Rating: K+ for some blood.
A/N: Thanks to brandie for the beta.

Gil Grissom woke with a feeling of having forgotten something vitally important. He blinked, his eyes tensing shut against the bright sunlight. He opened them a second time more slowly, bringing one callused hand to his forehead to combat the glare. He felt the skin beneath his hand contract as he frowned, and his stomach tense and roil as he sat up beholding the view before him.

A placid river shimmered beyond an old wooden dock, the only ripple to disturb its waters caused by a leaf as it fluttered off a potted plant at the end of the weathered planks. To either side of him trees blew gently in the wind, the scent of lilac wafted in from his left. Across the river stood more trees-majestic oaks side by side with tall, graceful palm trees. Some of them were oddly balanced on small tufts of land that hadn’t been eroded by the falling tide. He could smell salt in the air, and knew they were near the sea, the gentle river before him likely some tributary of whatever ocean loomed near.

It wasn’t right.

A screen door slammed behind him, and Grissom turned to see a small girl running down a path from a screened patio. Behind her a brightly painted house stood, its wood gleaming turquoise against the late morning sun. Water from the pool caught the light and sent little beams flitting around the screens. He remembered the little girl laughing at that when they first arrived, telling them how the light liked to dance as much as she did. He felt his forehead tense up again as his frown deepened. He shouldn’t remember that, he shouldn’t remember this little girl. He shouldn’t remember this vacation place. Should he?

“Daddy!” Thoughts of what he should and shouldn’t remember were quickly forgotten as the dark haired child launched herself into his arms. Suddenly remembering her, remembering all of this, wasn’t so wrong after all. “Did you see me? I dived off the edge of the pool, right into the deep water, did you see me?”

He smiled as he wiped water droplets away from her bright eyes, “No Buglet, I was looking at the river. I’ll have to watch you next time.”

The little girl giggled as she snuggled up against him, her wet bathing suit dampening his Vegas PD t-shirt. “Mommy didn’t even have to catch me this time. I just put my hands over my head, like you said to, and jumped right in. Head first and everything!”

Grissom dropped a light kiss on the girl’s dripping hair, “I’m proud of you Jessie…”

“Daddy look!” The child wriggled in his arms, turning to face the house again. “A…a…Summer…Summer…”

He followed the girl’s finger to a bright patch of bougainvilleas that hung from a pot suspended on a shepard’s hook next to the patio. Balanced delicately amidst the bright red flowers was a butterfly of such a pale blue it was almost silver. Dotted across its powdery wings were simple splotches of white.

“It’s a Summer Azure Jessie,” Grissom reminded his daughter, “Celastrina neglecta.”

Jessica giggled again, as she stumbled over the scientific name of the much beloved insect. Finally she jumped off his lap and ran toward the house again, calling over her shoulder, “Latin is silly, Daddy.”

He smiled as he watched her dive back into the soft water of the pool, his eyes drifting up to the back entrance to the house. There, half hidden in the shadows of the doorway stood a tall, dark haired woman, her eyes staring right at his.


“Gil!” Catherine’s voice rang through his townhouse as the woman raced across his gray concrete floors. Her phone was already in her hand as she slowed, and dropped to her knees, fingers automatically mashing 9-1-1. “I have an officer down,” her voice was rapid, pitched very high as she rattled off Grissom’s address to the dispatcher. “Hurry!” Her hand shook as it found his neck, fingers fumbling for a pulse.

Grissom lay sprawled next to an overturned ladder, blood splattered across the floor from the piece of glass wedged in his shoulder. The frame of a shadow box surrounded him, splintered and broken. Near him were the crumpled bodies of several butterflies, the pins still piercing their wings. The antennae of the Everes comyntas fluttered in the breeze from the air conditioning, the spots of the Leptotes cassius all but hiding it in the pattern of Grissom’s throw-rug, and his blood pooling on the pale blue wings of the Celastrina neglecta.

“Is he….”

Catherine looked up at the whisper, her eyes seeking those of the questioner. The other woman stood huddled in Grissom’s doorway, her dark hair hiding much of her face. Catherine could only see the other woman’s eyes-and those were staring right at Grissom.

“He’s alive, Sara.”

“Thank God.”

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