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Story: Glimpses of Gossamer 2/5

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May. 9th, 2006 | 09:41 am
posted by: deejay435 in ffkoah

Title: Glimpses of Gossamer
Author: Deejay435 (Aka Sciencegeek)
Pairing: G/S
Rating: K+
Summary and disclaimer chapter 1.

Thank you to brandie for her beta skills.

The sliding glass door screeched; Grissom winced at the noise, and left the door open behind him as he stepped out onto the terrace. The evening was cool for September. For a moment, Grissom was sure it shouldn’t be September at all, but a horn sounding down the street distracted him from such thoughts, and he found his eyes falling toward view. The city lights lay sprawled below him, the distance softening the gaudy neon of the Strip into a kaleidoscopic twinkle. Beyond the cluster of lights the mountains rose up, their craggy tops almost invisible against the night sky. He gripped the iron railing of the balcony tightly, ignoring the two deck chairs that crowded most of the right side of the platform. His knuckles, as he glanced down, were a shocking white contrast to the dark color of the safety rail.

Soft footsteps sounded behind him just before the door screeched again, thumping softly closed. He shut his eyes as gentle arms slid around his waist, encircling him from behind. A smile slipped into place as the pent up air rushed from his lungs. He reached down and took hold of one slim hand, pulling the woman from behind him, placing a kiss on her palm, and then turning her hand over to kiss the gold band that adorned her ring finger. “Hey.”

Her smile could still melt him, even now after years together. Even when he wasn’t sure they should be here at all, one glance at that smile and even his most melancholy thoughts slid away. “Is she sleeping?”

“Just now.” She smiled again, sliding her arm back around his waist so she could lean against his shoulder. She didn’t let go of his hand, instead her long fingers moved soothingly over his, “What’s wrong?”

“What? Nothing…nothing’s wrong.”


He sighed, bringing her fingers back to his lips for another gentle kiss. “It really is nothing. I just…we’re losing our baby girl.”

He wasn’t prepared for the soft chuckle that greeted that statement, nor the way her shoulders shook. He knew that shake-she was trying to hold back deeper laughter. His voice was a little harsher than he intended, “What?”

“Gil…she started first grade.” Her voice was soft, no hint of the mirth from moments before. “She didn’t go off to join an expedition to Mars.”

“Do you think she could do that? Go off to Mars one day?”

“Well not if you don’t let her get through first grade.” She laughed again but tightened her fingers around his hand, her thumb continuing to softly stroke his skin. “You’re going to be fine, you know. I swear.”

He turned to look at her, one brow darting up to his hairline. After a moment he smiled, “Okay. We’ll let her get through first grade, so she can become an astronaut.”

“Of course, from the way she lets your tarantulas scramble all over her, she’s going to be an entomologist, like her Daddy.”

Grissom laughed then turned to press a kiss against her temple, “You’re right. You know…it’s good to have you around. It was pretty smart of me to marry you.”

“Of course, it took you long enough…”

He lifted his brow again, but she was spared from further comment by a loud wailing from inside the house. “Sounds like Adam is awake, I’ll get him…”


“Sara...Sara!” Catherine turned from where she was crouched next to the fallen Grissom to the woman in the doorway. “He keeps towels in the drawer next to the stove, bring me some…he’s still bleeding. There’s a first aid kit under the sink. Sara! Focus!”

The other woman jolted, her eyes widening as she stared at the blood pooling around Grissom’s shoulder, and darted across the floor to the kitchen area. She threw open several drawers before she found the one with stacks of neatly folded white hand towels. She grabbed several, unmindful of the rest which flew to the floor. Opening the cupboard under the sink Sara tossed several bottles of cleansers and a box of dishwashing detergent across the kitchen before she found the first aid kit. Supplies in hand she jumped up and spun around, banging into the island as she raced to Grissom’s side, barely noticing the stab of pain in her arm as she dropped to her knees beside him.

“Here…” Catherine had already torn Grissom’s shirt away from the wounds. Sara handed her a towel and watched as the woman pressed it around the chunk of glass sticking out of his shoulder. Sara held the towel in place as Catherine fumbled with the medical tape, clumsily tacking the makeshift bandage down.

Grissom moaned, turning his head to reveal a gash at his temple. “Dammit!” Sara took another cloth, gently pressing it against the still bleeding cut.

“Where the hell are the paramedics?” Catherine’s voice came in a growl, “Stay with him Sara, I’m going to meet them. And if they don’t hurry…”

Sara nodded, not sparing a thought for the tongue lashing the paramedics would receive when they finally showed up. She kept gentle pressure on the wound on Grissom’s head, murmuring softly that he would be fine. Her free hand slipped to his, enclosing it in her gentle grasp letting her thumb caress his skin.


“Griss…” Thank God! She smiled down at him, increasing the pressure on his hand. “Shhh. Don’t try to talk. Catherine’s gone to get the paramedics. They’ll be here soon. You’ll be fine. I swear.”

“Sara…” His voice was rough as he tried to keep his eyes focused on her. “Good…to have you here.”

A wailing from outside interrupted him. Sara smiled, touching his cheek. “It’s all right Gris. The ambulance is here. It’s going to be all right.”

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