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Multi-fandom FFKOAH Fic Challenge

With the permission of our community maintainer, alryssa, I hereby issue the Multi-Fandom FFKOAH Fic Challenge!

The challenge is open to community members and non-members (though why not join?), so a few words about FFKOAH and what it means in terms of this challenge are in order:

Father-figure-kink-of-angsty-hotness, or FFKOAH - a term coined by meyerlemon and adopted for this community through alryssa - describes both those pairings involving a relationship between a younger woman and an older man who is generally part of her authority structure, and the sexy older men who inspire those kinds of... for lack of a better word, fantasies. In other words, for the purposes of this challenge, a qualified story could be about an FFKOAH pairing, or just a story about the FFKOAH-inducing male character (preferably while being authoritative and hot).

FFKOAH stories tend to have a touch of the 'forbidden' feeling about them (thus the A, for angsty). This is mainly because FFKOAH relationships tend to be superior/subordinate situations such as boss/employee or superior-officer/junior-officer, but that need not always be so. In some cases, it is simply that the man is older and authoritative. The challenge is open for any pairings/characters that fit this definition. If you are unsure if what you have in mind qualifies, feel free to ask.

Now, on to the terms of the challenge:

This is an open challenge, with no prompts or restrictions. Stories of any length, from drabble to novel, are acceptable, but 500+ words preferred. Stories from any fandom are acceptable, but RPF is discouraged. Writers may submit more than one story. All stories must be beta-read. (If you have trouble finding a beta reader, let me know and I will try to find someone to assist you.)

The posting dates for submissions will be April 24 - 30th, 2006. Please do not post your submission before April 24th. You may post your story to the community or to your journal. If you post to your journal, you will need to notify me so I can post a link in the master list. (The master list will be posted on April 24th.)

One final note: Whether you choose to participate or not, please help us spread the word! We want the multi-fandom aspect to be as inclusive as possible, so please let folks know about us.

So, go on... get writing! :-)
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